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The Next Step In Storage

Use the interactive model below and discover our new design for hallway stair storage


The Next Step In Storage

Interactive models below, discover our new design



We do refit your existing flooring as standard. And with this design, any type of flooring can be applied to the stairs. This upgrade allows for the installation of various flooring materials, including carpet runners & laminate, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences or practical needs of homeowners.

The larger opening created provides increased accessibility, allowing homeowners to store more substantial or bulkier items that might not have fit in the standard version. This expanded space accommodates larger objects with ease, offering enhanced storage capacity.



The complete replacement of the section of stairs, including the stringers, results in a structurally stronger setup. This enhanced strength offers robustness and durability, ensuring long-term stability and safety for homeowners utilizing the installed storage space.





The standard version was limited to homes built within the last 20-25 years for safety constraints due to the design. This upgraded installation can be implemented in properties of various ages, provided there is the available space. This flexibility means we can offer a great storage solution and is accommodating to a wider range of properties.


Built With Knowledge & Experience

Say hello to a whole new level of convenience and functionality.


With this upgraded version of our stair storage, we have redesigned from the ground up to offer an alternative to our standard design (which is still great btw). If you have the available space & want more out of your storage then this is the option for you... 


  • The inclusion of a completely new section of stairs, including the stringers, significantly boosts safety and structural reliability and are as strong as your existing stairs. This comprehensive upgrade ensures a stronger foundation for the storage solution, offering heightened confidence in both safety and durability. 


  • We have upgraded the hinge type. A completely new design in a pivot system that offers a smooth operation and increased strength to handle the weight of the new stairs


  • Out go the conventional gas struts suitable for our standard install, in come the ease of an electric lifting system as standard. Push a button, open or close your stairs

  • We refit your existing carpet for a seamless look. You can also enjoy the freedom to choose any flooring type for your stairs in the future, from carpet runners to laminate flooring. No more compromises on aesthetics or durability!

With the same commitment to structural safety and quality, this enhanced version brings greater flexibility, strength, and ease of use to your home. 


Elevate your storage experience with our latest installation - designed for your convenience, crafted for your satisfaction

The Basics

Your stairs are made up of 'The Treads' (the top of the step) 'The risers' (the front of the steps) & 'The stringers' (the sides, usually white) 

Our install removes the old treads & risers. And is then replaced with a whole new section of stairs including treads, risers and the stringers. This give maximum strength & reliability

Our cutting-edge actuator system for effortless space access at the touch of a button! Our sturdy actuators deliver exceptional strength, transforming your storage area into a secure and easily accessible space.


The actuator remains concealed under the stairs alongside all electric components, including cables and the control box.


This system operates using a remarkably quiet linear actuator, controllable via either a wired switch conveniently located near the stairs or a wireless remote. Additionally, a backup button is discreetly placed under the stairs for added peace of mind.


If you want to get really fancy, you could add a smart plug & gain the ability to cut power to the stairs, ensuring the safety of your valuables when you're away.

Electric Open/Close

Mains power is required. The system is low power consumption, and is powered by a uk plug. 

Noise levels are low too. Pull/push force is up to 1500N (thats around 150kg!)  Average time to fully open is around 24 seconds (it's not a catapult) 

Safety measures are included

  • Auto stop function

  • back up button under stairs

  • back up power option available

  • 3 year Warranty

More Information Available On Request

Up To 9 Lifting Steps!

If you have the space that is..


If you've already invested in our standard installation and possess a storage area surpassing four steps in depth, you can upgrade to our premium version & get a £200 Discount

Persimmon Chedworth


Our price covers all aspects of our premium install and includes our lifetime guarantee

Payment options available

4 Step Install from

This price is for locations up to 80 miles from WV1 postcode. Areas outside of this area will have a seperate mileage charge. 

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