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A Storage Solution You Can Trust

Use the interactive model below and discover our design for hallway stair storage



The Next Step In Storage


Interactive models below, discover our design



ARGGGHHH!!!! shoes all over the hallway is such a pain! Looks messy and can be hard to find a cupboard that fits, and doesn't take much of what little floor space there is. This is where our solution is perrrrrrfect! 

This is our design, many will copy, many will fail. With over 4000 nationwide installs and a constant need to improve, we offer a safe and reliable solution for under stair storage. 

It's What We Do


We designed this storage from the ground up. With our knowledge and expertise, we offer the safest possible solution. Nobody knows our design like we do! Everything is reinforced, double checked &

backed by a lifetime guarantee






We are based in the west midlands, and travel nationwide. As a small family business, there is no way would travel as far as we do if we thought there would be any risk of safety. Safety is at the top of our list and  we have the customers to prove it. 

All we need to know is if there is a void of space under the first 3-4 steps.

The easiest way to check is inside any cupboard or WC that may be on the side or back of your stairs. 

You should see a separating wall at the back of the cupboard


These can be different heights and a general rule is the height of that wall when laid flat is the amount of space you would gain with our install

Take a look at our stair type videos below for more information


Built With Knowledge & Experience

Our dedication to safety and reliability is paramount. We prioritize honesty, ensuring we install only when safety concerns are non-existent.

Having successfully installed our solution in over 4000 properties nationwide with just a team of three, our practical design is well-received. We acknowledge cost as a significant consideration and believe in delivering an excellent solution at a fair price, offering you peace of mind with a lifetime guarantee.


While it might seem straightforward, there are intricacies to consider with our stair storage design. The simplicity is by design, but rectifying issues in installations not done by us is not within our scope. Through our learning curve, we've evolved to a point where we confidently back our installs with guarantees.



  1. Is it Safe? Absolutely safe. Our reinforced approach ensures no compromise in the structure or safety of your stairs.

  2. Does it Creak? While most stairs tend to creak over time due to wood expansion, our design significantly reduces this possibility through reinforced elements.

  3. Can You Install on Any Stairs? Our install is tailored for houses constructed within the last 20-25 years, reliant on solid foundational materials. You'll need at least 3-4 steps of available space.

  4. Is It Just Carpet You Can Use? Our hidden design favors carpet, though a runner is possible, albeit with a narrower opening.

  5. Will It Fray My Carpet? It's hard to tell as this depends on how its used. We make adjustments so this is very unlikely. Our premium install will have no effect on carpet whatsoever 

Our solution prioritizes safety, reliability, and professional installation. Opting for DIY or engaging another company to save a bit of money could compromise these critical aspects:

  1. Safety and Reliability: Choosing a DIY approach or alternative companies might compromise the structural integrity and safety of your stairs. Our expertise ensures reinforced and secure installations, guaranteeing peace of mind.

  2. Potential Long-term Issues: While cost-saving might be tempting, inadequate installations may lead to long-term problems like structural damage, safety hazards, or issues with functionality.

  3. Warranty and Support: DIY or third-party installs may lack comprehensive warranties and professional support. Any issues arising from non-professional installations won't be covered by our support or guarantee.

  4. Hidden Complications: Our seemingly simple design conceals intricate considerations that ensure the safety and effectiveness of the storage. Attempting a DIY or non-professional installation may overlook these complexities, leading to functional shortcomings.


Ultimately, compromising on professional installation for cost-saving measures may result in potential safety hazards, long-term issues, and a lack of warranty or support. Investing in our professional service guarantees safety, reliability, and comprehensive support, providing peace of mind for your home's security and functionality.


Elevate your storage experience with our latest installation - designed for your convenience, crafted for your satisfaction


Your stairs are made up of 'The Treads' (the top of the step) 'The risers' (the front of the steps) & 'The stringers' (the sides, usually white) 

Structural Integrity: Our installations adhere to UK building regulations concerning structural integrity. We design and implement our storage solutions while ensuring the staircase stability and integrity remain intact, meeting the standards set forth in the UK Building Regulations. This includes maintaining the structural strength and stability of the staircase during and after the installation of our storage solution. Our installation comprises a custom-made frame intricately integrated with your existing staircase, providing a sturdy foundation for the liftable steps when closed. Additionally, the two steps that elevate are reinforced for added strength and durability.

Fire Safety Compliance: Compliance with fire safety regulations is paramount in our installations. We ensure that our storage solutions not only adhere to fire safety standards outlined in UK Building Regulations but also prioritize security. Our designs are crafted to ensure that the storage compartments do not simply pop open, maintaining security measures while meeting fire safety guidelines. Additionally, our installations prioritize unobstructed escape routes, ensuring the safety of your home in case of emergencies.


Our price covers all aspects of our standard install and includes our lifetime guarantee


Pay in 3 with no interest options available

inc VAT

inc VAT

Join The Club!

This price is for locations up to 80 miles from WV1 postcode. Areas outside of this area will have a seperate mileage charge. Discounts available for group bookings 

Videos To Help You Check

Swipe & pick the stairs that most resemble your own to learn more about our stair storage. Please watch before requesting a quote

Standard install only available on

stairs built in the last 25-30 years. 

Click below to send details for us to check suitability & availability

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