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Live on a new build development?

Most new developments have a Facebook group page and this can be a great tool to let people know about our group booking offer. 

Simply book 3 or more installs for the same day and we can lower the install cost.


This makes it perfect for the new build developments that are outside the area we usually cover.


The cost for a standard install in our area is £180. If we need to travel around 100 miles then we charge based on travel time. This can be around £100 on top of the install price for a single install. (Which is still a great price by the way) 


This offer is for new build developments that are outside our usual area. As an example below for a group booking around 100 miles away.

3 Bookings:  £220

4 Bookings:  £200

5 Bookings:  £180

*Price per install

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