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It can be such a pain having shoes, toys, bags and general clutter all over the hallway! And if your hallway is quite small it can be a nightmare getting a cupboard to even fit. This is where our solution is perfect! No need to take up your existing floor space

Looking For Under Stairs Storage Ideas?

Lift up stair storage for cupboard under stairs

Anyone Can Copy, Not Everyone Can Create

use smart space stair storage to store toys

Enhancing your home with innovative solutions for hallway storage. Our lift up stair storage system seamlessly integrates into your living space, providing easy access to an awkward space. Built to last, backed by our lifetime guarantee. Perfect for shoe storage

Our Lift Up Stair Storage Design

use smart space stair storage to keep shoes
Use Smart Space Stair Storage to keep handbags
hidden under stair storage with our lift up stairs solution

We All Need More Storage! 

smart space stair storage is fittedto look like hidden stair storage

Existing Carpet

Our under stair storage solution is designed to be as discreet as possible, blending seamlessly into your home. That's why we use your existing carpet to give our stair storage solution a smooth and unobtrusive finish. With our innovative design, you can easily hide your valuables without compromising on style.

The Perfect Place For Shoe Storage

Lifetime Guarantee

At Smart Space, we understand there can be safety concerns regarding our installation. That's why we offer our guarantee on all installs, giving you peace of mind knowing that your under stair storage solution is safe & secure. And with our nationwide coverage, you can enjoy our services no matter where you're located.

Minimal Disruption

Trust is at the heart of everything we do. Our unique designs are not available to other companies (although they do try), and our fully trained fitters ensure a quick and easy installation process, meaning very little disruption to your day. Let us take care of your storage needs, so you can focus on what matters most. 

Group Bookings

We're dedicated to providing efficient and affordable solutions for optimized living. Our group booking option allows you to enjoy even more savings while contributing to a more sustainable future. Join your development’s group chat today and book your Stair Storage solution now!

Payment Options

We know that payment can sometimes be a hassle, which is why we've made sure to provide a range of options. Whether you prefer to pay by bank transfer, card payments or through Apple Pay or Google Pay, we've got you covered. And if you want to spread the cost over three payments with no interest, we even accept PayPal or Klarna!

Track Your Fitter

Part of our service ensures that you are always in the loop during the installation of your stair storage. On the day, you will receive a text message with the estimated arrival time of our fitters. You will also receive a link to track their journey to your location. We aim to go above and beyond for our customers, providing the best possible service every time.

Trained & Insured

All of our teams are thoroughly trained and insured to provide our installation. We prioritize these measures to reassure our valued customers, that we deliver a high-quality service. The reason no other company is authorized to install our unique design is because of the specialized expertise & knowledge required to give you something that will last a lifetime.

Our Customers Love It

Just a few words from our existing customers


Standard Install

For those that just want to hide clutter

Premium Install

For those that want more than a shoe cupboard

The standard install is designed for new builds (houses built within the last 20 years) to provide a simple & accessible storage solution.​ 

  • Lifts two steps, creating an opening of around 68cm x 43cm ideal for shoe storage and general hallway clutter.

  • Utilizes a made-to-measure frame tied into existing stairs, reinforcing them for safety and strength.

  • Seamlessly integrates existing carpet for a unified look; adjustments may be needed for stairs with banisters.

  • Perfect for day to day items

  • Warranty: Offers a lifetime guarantee on safety and structure.

  • Coverage: Available nationwide without deposit requirements.

Tailored for homes with larger inaccessible spaces, the premium install is an extensive upgrade offering enhanced space and functionalities.​ 

  • Replaces four original steps with a complete new set, creating a larger opening of around 90cm x 95cm for easy access and larger items

  • Electric open/close system with main switch & back up switch

  • Utilizes existing carpet for a consistent and seamless integration with your home's aesthetic.

  • Interior lighting

  • Plasterboarded inside

  • Ideal for storing valuables

  • Optional extra available including upgraded flooring 

  • Warranty: Lifetime guarantee on safety and structure. 3 year warranty on electric actuator system

  • Coverage: Available nationwide with a deposit requirement for the premium install.

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